The Musician (Sept)

The autumn 2016 issue of The Musician is being dispatched to members this week.  My 49th as editor (forty-seven with Future Publishing since 2005, plus the two with Rhinegold Publishing in 2004).

This distribution also includes the Members’ Diary for 2017.  The journal’s contents include:

–  MU reacts to the vote to leave European Union
–  ENO update
–  Orchestral agreement news
–  MU march in Pride
–  Digs booking website
–  Hearing services for members
–  Online news

–  John Smith: ‘Life after Brexit’
–  Horace Trubridge: ‘FanFair Alliance’
–  AIM and independent record labels
–  Recovering monies owed
–  MU Teachers’ Section
–  The work of MU activists

–  Letters, emails and tweets from MU members

–  Smartphones at gigs
–  Mental health and musicians
–  Why I joined the MU
–  Funding for music projects

–  Neil Cowley
–  Modulus Quartet

–  Selling musical instruments
–  Online session work

–  CDs & downloads

Union notices
–  Key contacts
–  Ask Us First
–  Tributes
–  Union News: GS election & EC and RC nominations
–  ‘Making the Most of your Union’: Benevolent funds
–  Member benefits checklist

This issue will be available via the MU website courtesy of our ‘page-turning’ ISSUU facility, plus audio files are being prepared to distribute the content in audio format to our visually impaired members. These files will also be loaded on the MU website and Soundcloud channel in due course. In line with members’ requests, The Musician will be available as a large print file in 24 point for downloading from the organisation’s website.


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