The Musician (Dec)

The winter 2014 issue of The Musician is set for distribution to members this week. The journal’s contents include:

– MU responds to Taylor Swift’s withdrawal from Spotify
– MU fringe event at Labour Party Conference
– Britain Needs a Pay Rise
– New Casual Orchestral Concert Rates (Non ABO)
– Delegate Conference notice

– MU General Secretary
– The challenges facing our musicians today
– MU Teachers’ CPD Conference
– Called up for jury service?
– Equalities Committee call for nominations

– Letters, emails and tweets from MU members

– How to get on a festival bill
– Update on Work Not Play
– Why I joined the MU
– Understanding neurodiversity

– Boy George and the BBC Philharmonic
– Kate Rusby

– Soundcloud

– CDs & downloads

Union notices
– Key contacts
– Ask Us First
– Tributes
– EC election results
– Parking discounts
– Member benefits

Summary texts of various features will be loaded in the public area of our site in due course, as these can be linked on Twitter for reference by members.

This issue is available to members via the ISSUU facility on the MU website, plus audio files are being prepared to distribute the content in audio format to our visually impaired members.


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