Streaming research

Streaming research

As part of the ongoing Government and Intellectual Property Office (IPO) music streaming work, a small group of researchers have been commissioned by the IPO to interview artists and industry stakeholders about industry contracts.

If you are or have been signed to a label or music publisher, in particular if you have been signed into a deal for over a decade, the MU wants to hear from you urgently. All contributions will be confidential.

The MU is helping to convene focus groups for the project to get the artists’ perspective on contracts, rights and royalties. One to one sessions can also be arranged.

The Union is also looking for confidential and anonymised contracts signed prior to the advent of music streaming, for example in the CD era, to share with the researchers.

This is crucial work and we would be very grateful of MU members’ participation.

If you are willing to take part in the focus group or if you have a contract to share, please email Keith Ames at the MU by Tuesday 31 May.

To get involved in the on-going campaign please visit the dedicated page on the MU website.


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