Partnership recording

Partnership recording

I met MU in-house solicitor Dawn Rodger and Tim Northrop of NMD Solicitors this morning at the studios of producer James Reynolds in Parsons Green, west London. James has expanded his already superb facilities to include a suite of podcast and video rooms, ideal for capturing industry-based conversations.

The Red Room at Voxpod was our chosen space, which offers 5 cameras, as well as the option for remote guests. Our thanks to Hector for his engineering expertise throughout the day.

Dawn and Tim were focusing on the partnership advice and agreements available from the MU to its members. The duo discussed in detail the importance of customised deeds for bands and teams to legally confirm their individual ownership and responsibilities of partnership assets. Such assets can be equipment, artwork, photography and websites, as well as key intellectual property.

For more information please visit the MU website.


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