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A special evening as my song about my Mum and the street which was her childhood home, Nicoll Road, was played on the Union Jack radio station in the slot reserved on Wednesday nights for the ‘Best of new British music.’ A moment noted on their Twitter feed too.  My son Ben was impressed!

My Mum was born in north London in July 1914 and grew up in Harlesden.  She trained as a nurse and met my Dad, a dentist with a surgery in Medina Lodge, Finchley Road, in the late 1930s when she needed treatment, allegedly, after hurting a tooth on an apple!  They married in August 1939 at St Andrews’ Church in Stonebridge Park and were destined to spend many months of their early marriage apart as a result of war being declared the following month.  My Dad became a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF and during the conflict Mum was evacuated with my elder brothers Ken and Howard, plus sister Wendy (born 1943), to Cardiff, Blackpool and Bournemouth.  Her appreciation of the south coast town led to the family moving to Southbourne in 1950 on a permanent basis.


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