The Musician (Dec)

The winter 2017 issue of The Musician magazine is being dispatched to members this week. This edition includes a postcard insert calling for members to express interest in standing for the Union’s Section Committees in 2018.

– Labour Party Conference
– AIR Studios victory
– MU Political Fund
– Black History Month
– Form 696 scrapped

– General Secretary: music education provision
– Assistant General Secretary: tackling harassment
– Pantomime bands
– PledgeMusic

– Letters, emails and tweets from MU members

– Collective bargaining
– UK country music scene
– Inclusivity for disabled musicians
– Regional focus: Belfast
– Why I joined the MU

– Neil Cooper
– Sian Monaghan (cover)

– Virtual reality
– Negotiating points

– CDs & downloads

Union notices:
– Key contacts
– Ask Us First
– Tributes
– Union News: ballot results
– Member benefits checklist

This issue will be available via the MU website courtesy of our ‘page turning’ ISSUU facility, plus audio files are being prepared to distribute the content in audio format to our visually impaired members.

In keeping with members’ requests, The Musician will also be available as a large print file in 24 point for downloading from our website.


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