I am currently working on the release of a new album of self-penned material, entitled Waterloo Sunrise, for release on vinyl and online in 2024.

To date the tracks have been mastered, plus the artwork and photography completed.

1 Falling off the edge of the world
2 Head above water
3 Trust
4 Quids in
5 She reminds me of you
6 The girl I never had
7 Love on a summer’s day

8 Farewell to your valentine
9 Promises at midnight
10 Nashville, Tennessee
11 Girl on the train
12 Caring soul
13 In the comfort of strangers
14 Waterloo sunrise (theme)

Featured on the album are:

Keith Ames
Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar (Trust)

Greg Fitzgerald
Production, engineering, vocals, string arrangements, keyboards,
programming, bass, percussion, piano arrangement (Caring soul)


Pete Whitfield, violin and string arrangement: The girl I never had, Waterloo sunrise (theme)

Emily Bellussi-Fitzgerald, vocals
Ralph Salmins, drums
Adam Goldsmith, guitar
John Thirkell, trumpet and flugel horn
Chris Haigh, violin
Geoff Gascoyne, bass
Abdelkader Saadoun, mandola and darbuka
Andy Pask, bass
Snake Davis, saxophone
Andy Findon, flute
James Reynolds, harmonica
Ashley Blasse, guitar
Simon Turner, cello
Chip Peacock, sound effects

All songs written by Keith Ames

Mastered by Mike Thorne at Rimshot Studios

Photography: Jonathan Stewart

Album artwork: Steve Ames at Printstore

For the stories behind the material, please visit Album Notes 1 and Album Notes 2.

This latest recording follows the album I recorded with Greg Fitzgerald and released in 1998.

Entitled Birdcage, this contains 12 originals and the plan is to make this album available as a companion piece to Waterloo Sunrise.

1 Nicoll Road
2 Shame
3 You hurt no-one but yourself
4 All over you
5 Radio play
6 The golden age of this romance

7 Keeping a dream alive
8 Blind drunk and stupid Cupid
9 Colleen
10 Love is all I have to give
11 Cross of gold
12 The day she said I will

All songs written by Keith Ames

Produced and engineered by Greg Fitzgerald at Church Road Studios, Ealing.


Keith Ames: lead and harmony vocals, guitars
Greg Fitzgerald: harmony vocals, keyboards, percussion, string arrangements
James Reynolds: harmonica (Nicoll Road / All over you)
Tina Barron: violin (You hurt no-one but yourself / The golden age of this romance)
Marianne de Chastelaine: cello (You hurt no-one but yourself)
Matt Schwartz: bass (Blind drunk and stupid Cupid)
Lorraine Haley: vocals (Shame)
Mae McKenna: vocals (Colleen)
Ken Ames: dobro (Cross of gold)
Chip Peacock: drums

Photography: Jonathan Stewart

Album artwork: Steve Ames at Printstore