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I attended a meeting on behalf of the MU this evening at offices in Euston, following an invitation from a group set up the banner of Music Declares Emergency.  I was met by one of its founders, Fay Milton, and a small number of participants gathered in a ‘media room’ to discuss how musicians and the music industry could respond to growing concerns about climate change and immediate threats to the environment.

Also in attendance were representatives from Julie’s Bicycle, the London-based charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability.

Music Declares Emergency had recently approached the MU asking for support for its stance and our Executive Committee (EC) had expressed initial interest and requested further information on the way forward.

Fay promised to forward a draft declaration for the Union’s EC to consider and possibly formally support.  I added that I was set to ask the editorial board of The Musician magazine to consider a feature in the autumn 2019 issue on climate change.  This would explore how musicians could respond to the issues by, for example, changing behaviour patterns or carbon offsetting.

Following the meeting, Fay forwarded the declaration for the EC and I have submitted this for consideration at its meeting on 12th June.


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