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I have been invited by the Labour Party to represent the MU in the organisation of Labour Live, an event being organised in June, which promises a festival of political ideas, with music, art, workshops and conversations.  Today was the first meeting, in Norman Shaw House South, Westminster, of the various unions involved and first on the agenda was confirmation of the aims of the event.

  • To encourage political discussion and thought among activists and the audience
  • Raise Party funds
  • Provide a space to develop community organising
  • Bring together different parts of the labour movement
  • Promote the Party’s image to ‘young’ people
  • Sign up new Party members
  • Demystify politics
  • Associate politics, life, engagement and enjoyment.

The event itself, set for Saturday 16 June from midday to 9pm, would host an audience of 20,000 and is to take place at the White Hart Lane recreational ground, north London.  We were advised that six major music artists have already been booked for the main stage, with the headline act on at 7.30pm.

There is to be a second ‘Solidarity’ stage for a section of the crowd, numbering around 2,000, and I agreed to ask the MU’s Executive to sponsor an hour of artists on this stage.  It was suggested two bands and one solo artist would be a good mix.  The idea of a mobile jazz band performing around the site was mooted too.

At the meeting I also highlighted that the MU could provide front-of-stage MU banners and beermats in the cafes and bars and our logo for use on signage.

We closed the meeting, confirming that we would collectively await further details prior to a formal launch.  (The event has been reported upon by the BBC and the NME in February, but without any of the acts being named).


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