Kenny Everett

In 2012 I was contacted by David and Caroline Stafford who were preparing a biography on Kenny Everett. The respected writers were seeking information on the relationship between the MU, the BBC and Kenny in the mid 1960s. Having obtained approval from our General Secretary’s office, I was able to give permission for the inclusion of reference to letters between the MU and BBC from the time – with the proviso that the material was factual and relevant. My wife Julie, unaware of my involvement, bought me the book as a present and I was delighted to see my name included in the Acknowledgements alongside such alumni as Bob Harris, Barry Cryer, Nigel Planer, Rowland Rivron, Alexei Sayle, Keith Skues, Sheila Staefal and Ed Stewart.

Cupid Stunts: The Life and Times of Kenny Everett by David and Caroline Stafford is published by Omnibus Press (ISBN 978.1.78038.708.6).


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