Disability awareness

Disability awareness

I completed an online disability awareness course today in the company of MU colleagues from across the UK. I made mention during the day of my stepdaughter Lisa, who was born profoundly deaf in 1992.

Lisa had a cochlear implant fitted at Great Ormond St in 1997 when she was five and this was replaced by a new device at Guy’s Hospital on 9 April this year. She has shown amazing courage and fortitude throughout her life, dealing with a very challenging series of issues.

Lisa now works for the Royal Association for Deaf People as a London-based representative, acting as a vital support for many disabled people and as a go-between the deaf and hearing worlds. A true inspiration.

The superb photo was taken during her tandem parachute jump at 2,000 feet over Beccles Airfield in Suffolk on 11 August 2018!


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