Waterloo storyline

Waterloo storyline

The idea of the same characters running through the songs on my new album is an intriguing possibility. So far, I have the following in mind.

Falling off the edge of the world
The story begins with a tracking shot of the Thames from the Southbank in the morning. The focus then falls on a young couple, Luke and Sara, as they walk along the riverside. They take in turns to express their newly-found desire for each other.

Head above water
Kathy, a single mother, busies herself around her flat in a street at the back of the Old Vic. She has dropped her daughter off at the local primary school and gets ready to go to work. She wonders if the father, Ethan, will make an appearance this weekend. Recently at night Kathy has harboured dreams of a couple she knows, Courtney and Jade. Perhaps the chance will come one day. (Sara acts as narrator for this song).

Later that evening, Kevin is in a pub playing darts with his mates. His girlfriend Carol is out with her friends in Tonight Josephine in Waterloo Road, hitting the Prosecco. The action continues. (Ethan is the narrator for this song).

Quids in
Luke is ejected from a club in Leake Street by Ethan, a door manager.

She reminds me of you
Courtney may be living with Jade, but Kathy is on his mind

The girl I never had
Carol imagines the kid she could have had with a previous lover

Love on a summer’s day
Ethan, Kathy’s ex and father to her child, thinks about the daughter he sees occasionally

Farewell to your valentine
Courtney ending his on-off relationship with Kathy to stay with Jade

Promises at midnight
Sara keeps Luke at bay

Nashville Tennessee
Kevin is disheartened by the creeping commercialisation of the area he loves

Girl on train
Sara and Ethan, strangers to each other, travelling to work (Carol as narrator)

Caring soul
Kevin expresses his commitment to Carol

In the comfort of strangers
Finale: everyone together at a memorial service at St Johns. Leads: Jade and Kathy

Waterloo sunrise (theme)


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