Virginia loves me

I had to come round here
and see you Gini dear,
‘cos someone had to put the record straight.

For as I walked the line
daydreaming you were mine,
I spied a work of art outside the Tate.

Virginia loves me
in white graffiti letters three feet tall,
Virginia loves me
as bold as brass upon this mucky wall.

It wasn’t me who chose to put it there,
next to ‘Buddy lives’ and ‘Brian McClair’.

You’re anything but plain,
you cause me so much pain,
do you believe I’m just another guy?
‘Cos if I had the right
I’d kiss you through the night,
learn to fly and blaze across the sky:

Virginia loves me.
I’d call up all my friends and say hello,
Virginia loves me.
Don’t keep me in suspense, I’ve got to know:

Who is the man behind this catchy line?
Who is the man who has the right to sign:

Virginia loves me?
You are the one girl I cannot resist.
Virginia loves me.
I’ve got your name tattooed around my wrist.

My handicap is nearly down to scratch,
I’m forty-love and serving for the match.

Virginia loves me.

Virginia loves me.

Virginia loves me.

Copyright Keith Ames


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