The Musician (March)

The spring 2016 issue of The Musician is being dispatched to members this week and the latest edition of the award-winning publication can be viewed on the MU site.

The journal’s contents include:

–           Raising awareness of the Trade Union Bill
–           Executive Committee for 2016
–           MU supports ‘Bacc for the Future’ campaign
–           Performers’ Alliance APPG Reception
–           LGBT venue threats

–           General Secretary
–           Section Committees: get involved and help us to help you
–           MU Orchestra Conference
–           How the MU is helping members handle US visa problems

–           Letters, emails and tweets from MU members

–           Assessing the state of the grassroots scene
–           The MU exhibition in Glasgow
–           Paul Gray’s tribute to David Bowie

–           Adam Goldsmith
–           Adam Waldmann and the Kairos 4tet

–           Finding the right digs
–           Preventing hearing damage

–           CDs & downloads

Union notices
–           Key contacts
–           Ask Us First
–           Tributes
–           Union News: election result
–           Making the Most of your Union: Health & Safety
–           Member benefits checklist

Audio files are being prepared to distribute the content in audio format to the Union’s visually impaired members. The magazine is also being available as a large print file in 24 point for downloading from the MU website.


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