Studio session

Studio session

Part two of a summer break from MU commitments, saw my travelling down by train from Bromley South to Canterbury East and Greg Fitzgerald’s studio to continue work on a set of originals. Arriving last Wednesday, the 19th, we would spend three highly-productive days working on ‘(London never will be) Nashville, Tennessee’ (vocal), ‘Farewell to your valentine’ (guitars and vocal), ‘In the comfort of strangers’ (guitar and vocal), ‘Falling off the edge of the world’ (guitars and vocal), ‘Quids in’ (guide guitar and vocal), plus a song I actually wrote in the 1980s, ‘Girl on the train’ (guide guitar and vocal).

The evenings were particularly relaxing, with Greg rustling up a memorable BBQ in the expansive garden on Thursday with his engaging teenage twins, Emily and Solomon. I stayed over in his cabin for both nights, appreciating the mini-cinema set up and the considerable selection of DVDs. Thanks guys!


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