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My principal responsibilities at the MU are:

1. Membership communications

Responsibility for the content, design, production and distribution of membership communications. Editor of The Musician journal, the MU Members’ Handbook and Members’ Diary plus, as part of the Union’s Government Relations and Public Affairs team, responsibility for content of the MU website, MU News and customised bulk emails.

2. Brand profile

Responsibility for the use and distribution of the MU logo, trademarks, plus the MU house style and branding. The design, production and delivery of promotional materials, merchandise and advertising. The content of the document, artwork and photo library, plus liaison with the Union’s archive. The creation and publishing of material on social media, plus the MU’s presence in third party websites.

3. National events

The management and organisation of the Union’s presence at national events, shows and exhibitions, together with the maintenance of displays and related materials for both in-house and third party events.


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