High Court judgement

There was considerable media interest in the High Court judgement announced today in the case of Chris Goldscheider versus the Royal Opera House, in which the musician was claiming damages and loss of earnings as a result of the hearing damage (‘aural shock’) he stated were caused during orchestra rehearsals in 2012.

BBC News, BBC World Service and Radio 5 Live all contacted me to obtain the Union’s views on the outcome, which was delivered at 2pm.  My colleague, MU Regional Organiser Jo Laverty, was on hand to hear the decision and swiftly emailed the hugely significant news that Chris had won the case.

In light of what this could mean for the employers of musicians, who may be required to totally review and revise their procedures for protecting their workers’ hearing, the Union decided to withhold from making a definitive statement until it had considered at length how the judgement may affect its members, orchestral management and the industry.


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